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If You Need Engineering and Land Surveying in Southern, Illinois

As your local civil engineering and professional land surveyor located in Nashville and Effingham, Illinois, we are directly responsible for the land development of the area. Since 1992, we have collaborated with architects, engineers, developers, and builders to develop surveys and maps of the surface features of the Earth. We are responsible for establishing boundary surveys, topographic maps, civil engineering designs, and construction layout services. In short, we are responsible for protecting your investment and making sure nobody is infringing on your property. For more information, call our civil engineering and land surveying team today! Fun Fact: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson were all land surveyors! So, Mount Rushmore is 3-surveyors and another guy.


Boundary Surveys

When you need to know where your property lines are, API Survey will make sure they are accurately located and marked. Protect yourself and don’t build until you are confident the limits are established and properly defined.

Control Surveying

We can establish accurate horizontal and vertical project control utilizing the newest equipment models available. GPS, robotic total stations and digital levels are part of our surveying toolbox.

Route Surveys

We have surveyed over 350 miles of transmission line routes in the past 5 years. Route surveying has been a major slice of our business model and we have extensive experience in establishing route alignments and individual parcels along the route. We also perform route surveying for new or existing highways and interstate projects.

Topographical Surveys

If you need to know the slope on your land or the features located on it, we can perform a topographic survey and prepare a map displaying all the features of the property. Our work is performed in accordance with the Illinois Minimum Standards for Topographical Surveys. Generally a topographic survey is performed so a building site design can rely on it for a new development.

Aerial Drone Surveying

API utilizes quadcopter drones to collect imagery over rock quarries and stock piles and utilizes the data to calculate the stock pile volumes and amount of material in the piles. We can use our drone to perform topographic ground elevation surveys or to just acquire a nice photograph of the family farm.

Construction Layout

When you want to build something, it is important to build it in the correct location and in accordance with the design plans. API has been performing construction layout and staking services since 1992 and we take pride in meeting our client’s needs and keeping the construction project on schedule. From power plants and major bridge interstate projects to small office buildings or a simple bank parking lot, no project is too big or too small for API.

Hydraulic Surveys

Find out how the bottom of the river or lake is contoured and determine the depth of the water and how the river or lake will affect the quality of living adjacent to it. API can survey the bottom of the lake and contour of the water’s edge and determine a volume of water in the lake at various water surface elevations.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

When the project requires a detailed ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, API is the company to call. Our licensed surveying staff has performed several ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys in accordance with the standard specifications for this type of survey.


Commercial & Industrial Site Designs

From initial survey to final design civil engineering plans, API has been involved from start to finish on several commercial and industrial site design projects.

Municipal Related Projects

When a city is growing and expanding into new areas, API will help plan for the growth and design infrastructure improvements consisting of roads and utilities.


Need help dividing your land into different lots for potential buyers? Call API for help subdividing the property and designing the improvements within said subdivision.

Storm Water Management

API will help design the storm water path and size the inlet structures and pipes to handle the various storm frequency events. Storm water detention and retention facilities are part of just about all commercial and industrial site design projects and API has been providing these storm water design services for several years.

Why Choose a Land Surveyor

We are masters of the land and everything that has been put into it.

Ensure you know every characteristic of the land before you purchase it.

Ensure you know boundaries before installing fences or buildings on your property.

When you want to divide the land into smaller lots.

Verify the amount of land taxes assessed to your property.

When you believe your land has been encroached on by another person.

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Are you sure you know the boundary of your property line? Make sure you do by calling API Survey LLC!

About Us at API Survey

Even though API Survey is a relatively new company, it has a history in the community and surrounding area.  In 1992, API was incorporated offering Engineering and Surveying to provide professional services in the southern Illinois and St. Louis Metropolitan area.  In 1995, API added a machine control division and partnered with several contracting firms in the Midwestern United States.  This partnership lasted until 2013 when Gary Mueller decided to purchase the engineering and surveying division of API and named it API Survey LLC.  This group of fantastic land surveyors and engineers have worked hard for the community in which most of the employees live.

Our Vision

Provide Professional Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Services to cultivate lifelong relationships for the betterment of communities while exceeding client expectations.

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