API Survey LLC


Engineering Services

It is important to hire engineering professionals to design your improvements.  An initial topographic survey can establish the ground contours, location of existing utilities, and the pre-development flow path of the stormwater.  API Survey LLC can analyze the data and perform the design of the site improvements taking into account the varying factors the site poses.  Site features can be adjusted to fit the site obstacles.  A little planning up front can go a long way to shorten construction time and allow the developer/client to realize potential cost savings.  Get an understanding of everything about your property and the warning signs that may be hidden.  Plan for stormwater management and avoid unpleasant surprises and setbacks down the road.

Commercial Design Nashville IL

Commercial & Industrial Site Designs

Since 1994 API has been involved with the Mockingbird Road Development corridor in Nashville, Illinois. This corridor consists of several commercial and industrial projects covering more than 200 acres.  From initial topographic and boundary surveys to final design civil engineering plans, API has been involved from start to finish on most of the projects within the Mockingbird Road Development corridor.  In addition, API has been involved with several commercial and industrial site design projects in the Southern Illinois area.  From determining adequate utility services to pavement design, we have years of experience with this type of professional service.

Municipal Related Projects

API has worked with municipalities in Southern Illinois preparing engineering design plans for road projects and utility projects.  Our expertise includes sanitary sewer extensions, water main extensions, and storm sewer improvement projects.  We can assist with acquiring the necessary IEPA permits and agency signoff letters to allow the improvement projects to be constructed.  We also prepare bid specifications and can assist with the bidding process.


Need help dividing your land into different lots for potential buyers? Give API a call for assistance with subdividing the property and designing the improvements within said subdivision.  API will work within the subdivision code requirements of the governing municipality and will assist the developer with the step-by-step process of obtaining the required approvals.

Storm Water Management

When it begins to rain, where does all the water go?  API’s capable staff has several years of experience with stormwater management and will help design the stormwater path and size the inlet structures and pipes to handle the various storm frequency events.  Stormwater detention and retention facilities are part of just about all commercial and industrial site design projects and API can design these facilities to assure your successful project does not adversely affect downstream property owners or the improvements you make to your own property.