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Our Past Success Helped Others Build the Future

Here at API Survey LLC, our experienced staff has multiple years of combined surveying and engineering experience.  With all the experience we have accrued over the years, our firm has been part of some amazing projects that have not only improved the lives in our community but also made it easier for others to visit.  Of the countless projects we have worked on over the years, there are a few that stand out in our memory.  These include Raccoon Lake Subdivisions in Centralia, Illinois, Prairie State Energy Campus located in southwestern Washington County, Illinois, the Mockingbird Road Development corridor where our office happens to be located here in Nashville, Illinois.  Our firm has also assisted and performed construction layout services on several large interstate projects including the I-64/I-57 Interstate Improvement Project in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, the I-70/I-57 Interstate Improvement Project in Effingham, Illinois, and the Illinois Route 13/I-57 Interchange in Marion, Illinois. All of these projects have impacted the community around them in a positive way and we are proud to have contributed our skills and experience to these important projects.  Imagine how we can improve your community with our survey and engineering services for your next project.

Raccoon Lake Subdivision in Centralia, Illinois:

The City of Centralia owns Raccoon Lake and surrounding land and utilizes the lake as both a water source and a recreational area. Over several years, the City established multiple different lease parcels around the lake where people built clubhouses and eventually permanent homes. The City decided to end the “lease” program and decided to Plat and Subdivide the property into Lots that could be sold/transferred to the leaseholders. API was employed by the City to survey the land and establish the lot lines and public road right of way. A total of 12 different Subdivisions were created by API at Raccoon Lake and the City was able to transfer virtually all of the Lots to the leaseholders.

Prairie State Energy Campus in Washington County, Illinois:

A new power plant and adjacent coal mine were developed in the southwest corner of Washington County in 2005 by Prairie State Generating Company (PSGC).  From the start of the project until the present time, API Survey has been a part of the survey work associated with the coal mine and energy campus.  API established the project control network for the initial phases of this project.  API also surveyed and prepared ALTA Land Title Plats of Survey for the power plant and coal mine properties, 16 miles of water transmission main corridor, and 6 miles of railroad corridor that serve the energy campus.  The roads in the area were improved and API was part of the team that made sure the right of way was acquired and the roads were constructed to grade.  Construction layout work was performed for the 16 miles of water transmission main, 6-mile railroad spur including multiple railroad bridges and crossings, coal mine site, and we supplied 2 survey crews to Bechtel Corp to assist with the construction layout of the power plant facilities over a two-year period during peak construction of the plant.  We also surveyed more than 63 square miles of coal reserves for the PSGC coal mine to delineate the parcel boundaries where the coal reserves were uncontrolled.  Part of our work included locating 83 abandoned wells within the coal reserve territory and pinpointing the exact well locations for mining purposes.  We currently perform coal pile quantity surveys on both the coal mine and power plant sites and determine the quarterly volume and tonnage of coal on each site.  When PSGC needs a topographic or boundary survey or construction layout assistance, they always call API Survey to provide this professional service.

Mockingbird Road Development Corridor in Nashville, Illinois:

In addition to the boundary survey and topographic survey work, API assisted the Kirchner family with developing the Mockingbird Road corridor located in the northern part of the corporate limits of the City of Nashville, Illinois. The industrial development encompasses over 200 acres and API played a key role in performing both the civil engineering and surveying services to develop the property.  Several warehouses are located within this development and they contain over 3.0 million square feet of floor space.  The warehouses are used for storing products and materials and they are also leased to third party tenants for industrial tooling and manufacturing.  There are approximately 20 businesses located in the Mockingbird Road development and they provide over 1,500 jobs.  The professional services provided by API for this development included the design of utility services, traffic infrastructure, site grading, stormwater management including detention and retention facilities, along with construction layout for virtually all of the buildings and facilities that have been constructed within the development.

Harrisburg High School Boundary and Topographic Survey

API Survey was hired by the Harrisburg CUSD #3 to perform a boundary and topographic survey of their existing high school property.  The drawings linked below are part of the Harrisburg High School civil plans for a building improvement project.  Prior to starting the civil design work, a boundary survey was needed in order to define the limits of the CUSD property.  The topographic survey detailed the existing conditions and the civil site design took this information into consideration so all new facilities could properly fit and mesh together.

Wayne City High School Topographic Survey

Our firm was contracted by Wayne City High School to perform a topographic survey of the existing conditions at the high school. The data was used for a new building addition project.

17-101 ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

An ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey was performed on the commercial property prior to it being conveyed by Racehorse Investments, LLC to Copart of Connecticut, Inc.

17-172 ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

An ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey was performed on commercial property located at 3397 Blue Bunting Road, Pinckneyville, IL 62274 for Old Republic National Title Insurance Co., Da Bears Property LLC, and Gus Berthold Electric Company.