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When it comes to achieving the most accurate surveying results, you can trust our team of professionals here at API Survey in Nashville, Illinois. A land surveyor will use all sorts of tools and tests to ensure accurate findings. These results can be very critical in deciding what will happen to the land that you purchased and can affect property taxes and renovation projects.

Construction Layout

One of API’s specialties has been error-free construction layout services.  API takes pride in meeting the client’s needs on a timely schedule.  API has been working with contracting firms for several years and has developed a solid reputation for using the latest “greatest” surveying equipment to perform the staking tasks in the most efficient and accurate method.  We have provided construction layout services on several high-profile projects as well as multiple small community projects.

Construction Staking Nashville IL

Control Surveying

Get accurate project control established by API Survey before heading down the wrong path.  Our surveying toolbox includes GPS, robotic total stations and digital levels which can all be utilized to establish accurate horizontal and vertical project control.  We assist contractors with machine control applications and site calibrations to get the project started accurately and confidently.

Aerial Drone Surveying

A recent addition to our surveying toolbox is a couple of quadcopter drones.  We use drones to collect imagery over rock quarries and coal stockpiles and utilize the data to calculate the stockpile volumes and the amount of material in the piles.  Another application for our drone is performing topographic ground elevation surveys.  We can also utilize the drone to acquire a nice photograph of the family farm.  Our drone pilot is licensed so we can perform commercial work with our drone.

Control Survey Nashville IL

Boundary Surveys

Do you know where your property lines are located? If you are unsure and need help clarifying your boundary, call API Survey for assistance.  We can mark your property lines and with this knowledge you can clarify boundary issues with your neighbors.  It is always a good idea to have a property survey prior to building additions and/or erecting a property line fence.

Route Surveys

When a land surveyor performs a route survey at API Survey, they collect the various degrees of data needed to design the best road possible. Roads are not the only thing that can be designed using route surveys. These surveys can be used to expand a railroad, add onto an existing pipeline, and provide utility access to more homes and businesses.

Topographical Surveys

Do you know how high the land you just purchased is? Are you sure it is all the same elevation? These are vital facts that are needed when considering building anything on land. If you are living close to a river or creek that can flood from time to time, you may want to reconsider your decision of how you want to build up your property. Knowing the features of your land can save you from making a costly mistake. Generally, a topographic survey is performed so a building site design can rely upon it for new development. API has vast experience performing topographic surveys.

Hydraulic Surveys

API can survey the bottom of the lake, contour the water’s edge and determine the volume of water in the lake at various water surface elevations.  We can also advise our clients on the effect the water might have on their property during various intense storm events.  We have surveyed large lakes and reservoirs to confirm the volume of water available within these bodies of water.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

API has performed several Land Title Surveys in accordance with the ALTA/NSPS standards.  When the project requires a detailed ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, API is the company to call.